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Princess Crown

Princess Stella

Princess Stella

Yes, a princess crown!  That’s what Stella wants to make.  She is so into PINK, PRINCESS and GLITTER!  I don’t know where she got it from.  I wasn’t into all those when I was young.  Though I love anything that is pretty!  Anyway, we made this princess crown the other day from a leftover pink carton, bit of glue and glitter.  That’s all you need.

First draw a the crown shape.  Just make sure you measure the carton so that it fits the circumference of your child’s head.  Cut out the crown.



Ask your child to draw the ‘jewel’ of your crown.  Here I ask stella to draw different shapes, like circle, triangle, rectangle and square on the carton.  Then get some craft glue, and a paint brush and get the kid to paint the shape with glue and sprinkle with glitter.  The best way to sprinkle the glitter is to put it in used toothpick holder with tiny holes on top, all the kids need to do is turn the toothpick holder upside down and shake it.  Or of course sprinkle with your hand.  Let the glue dry and then staple the back together and you got a PINK PRINCESS GLITTERY CROWN!

And to add a bit more fun and drama, I painted her face and put some glitter on her eyelids… she can’t stop looking at herself in the mirror.  It’s so funny!



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We’ve finally reached 100 posts! Yay!

Thanks to everyone who’s been reading and contributing to our blog. We certainly enjoy writing as much as we hope you enjoy reading about the things we go through in our lives.

Today is actually Mum’s birthday.. so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM! Really hope you have a fantastic day! Thanks for always spoiling us with your love, care and most of all… the best home cooked meals ever. We love you!!!


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If there is one movie you definitely have to watch this year, it’s Mao’s Last Dancer. It really is an amazing film… a true story of a Chinese ballet dancer who started off with nothing and made it into something. The movie is based on the autobiography of the same name, written by Li Cunxin. Li Cunxin started out in a poor, small village in China, was hand picked and trained at the Beijing Dance Academy, became a soloist at the Houston Ballet and principal dancer at the Australian Ballet.

It is a touching story and the ballet dancing in the film is great too. There is a part towards the end when I can guarantee that you’ll shed a tear or at least be moved.

I highly recommend for everyone to see!

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Dora cupcakes for Alexia


Alexia who is Stella’s friend has just turn 3!  And I conviced Alexia’s mum M that I’d bake her cupcakes for her party.  The theme was Dora.  I must admit I was extremely relieved that when I showed Alexia the fondant she recognized that it was Dora.  And lucky for me she didn’t ask for Boots! he… he…  I did make some of those Dora colourful stars and a pink heart shape with Alexia painted on it.

The party was a real blast, everybody loved it!  It was in one of the kid’s gym, both Stella and Jake had a good time playing in all of the equipment.  Thanks Lexie for inviting us to your birthday fiesta!

Only a few pictures of the cupcakes here, I was in a rush so I didn’t take enough, some turned out really blurry!  Unfortunately, the handfull of pictures that I took at the party were… well not good at all, I guess I was too excited getting Stella and Jake to try the different activities! 🙂



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