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The idea behind this cupcake is to make a party favour that combines cake and lolly in one.

So, here it is flower lollipop cupcake.  Made them for a 3 year old girl garden party.  I was only told 2 days before the party, so everything was rushed.  I was stressing out about the messy chocolate ganache last night, but after I put the flower lollipop on top I am quite happy with the result.  Though I must say, the lollipop melted a little today and I have to redo some of the flowers.

I was really feeling guilty feeding kids lollipop and cupcake in one go, so I got an organic vitamin C lollipop instead!… well at least I can say they are eating vitamin C.

Lollipop flower cupcakes


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I Made this the other day with Stella and Jake, and it was a breeze.  The recipe has four ingredients only and it’s super fast to make, perfect for little people with short attention span…

Base Ingredients

1 c cream

1 c self raising flour, sifted

Forgot to mention earlier that it’s best to have the cream at room temperature, if you don’t have the cream at room temperature simply put in the microwave for about 10-20 seconds zap each time until you have it at room temperature.  Fridge cold cream makes the mixture lumpy, it still makes a nice muffin, no different in term of flavour and texture.  However, it is easier to mix the cream with the flour when the cream is at room temperature.

For cheesy corn muffin:

1/2 c cheese, I used cheddar

1/2 c corn kernel, frozen or tinned

For sultana muffin add:

2 tbs castor sugar

1/2 c sultanas

Preheat oven to 180 C or 160 C fan forced

In a bowl, mix the cream and flour together until combined, for savoury muffin add the cheese and corn kernel or if you are making the sweet one add the sugar and sultanas.  Mix again.  And that is it really.  Grease your mini muffin tins with little oil or use oil spray.  Drop about 1 teaspoonful of mixture into the tins.  Bake in the oven for 12 minutes.  Until it’s nice and golden brown in colour.  Leave for 5 minutes then take them out from the tin and cool in cooling rack.  Eat it warm or cold… absolutely delicious!

Muffin in disguised : dress up the sultana muffin by topping it with melted white chocolate and colourful sprinkles!

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Paper mozaic

It’s been a while since I posted anything on craft.  We’ve been doing lots of painting and paper mozaic in fact.  However, I am usually getting dinner ready when the kids are doing this so didn’t really get the chance to take pictures.

Jake said "blue ...ish!"

Paper mozaic is a really great craft to do with kids.  It’s easy, it’s a little messy with the glue but the most important the kids really enjoy it.  For Jake, I drew something simple eg. ball, heart, square, kite and in this case a fish.  I only give him one colour paper to begin with, great way to learn about colour and shape too.  When he finished I wrote blue fish on the paper.  He kept on saying ‘blue …ish’ over and over after that.

As for Stella, she drew houses, rainbow, flowers, anything that she likes and she cuts her own coloured papers.  So, this is why this is a really great craft in our house, you can cater for different age group.

What you need

Coloured paper (recycle any wrapping paper, aluminium foil, or even newspaper) cut into little squares

White paper



glue, glue Jake loves glue!

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Central Station, Sydney.

I’m use to the hustle and bustle of train stations that it was odd, yet peaceful experiencing Central, just me on my own (and that seagull). Mind you, I wasn’t there very early… this was at 10:45am.

I guess Sydney slept in that day.

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Almost Easter..

It has been a long time since I’ve blogged. Time really flies this year, can’t believe it’s Easter time already.

I think I should pick up a new hobby. I’ve always wanted to buy a sewing machine and make something for Jayden, but each time I go to the shops and see how cheap some things could be, I just couldn’t be bothered anymore… anyhow I should pick up something new.

Jayden is 2 years and 5 months today! He has 2 more best friends now, Cornelius and William, our neighbours! The kids has been playing together at least 3 times a week for a month now, while the mums take turn to look after the 3 kids, so that we can all have a break. It’s working well so far, the kids love it so much that it’s always hard to get them to come home!

I always have to negotiate with Jayden when it’s home time. When I ask him to go, he would say “Just 2 more minutes”, then 2 minutes later,  he would say “Just 1 more minute”, then 1 minute later…”Just 1 more LAAAAST minute”.. haha 🙂 He’s also very reward oriented. He gets everything done as I asked him, if he gets a surprise at the end. Luckily…(well, sort of) the surprises that he wants are always food and not toys!

When he woke up this morning, he said  “Mum, I want to speak a few languages”, I thought I heard wrongly, so I asked again and he repeated the same thing. He must have heard us talk about speaking different languages the night before, but still I was amazed that he said that! And, as we looked through the toys’r’us catalog just now, he said that he doesn’t want cars, but he wanted a doctor play set, because he wanted to drive the ambulance and help people. HAHAHA. gotta love him.

Jayden & his Papa anxiously waiting for his first monorail ride ever! It was so hot inside the monorail, but still Jayden refused to get off. Finally 2 full rounds later, we got off, drenched in sweat...

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