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What to get a shopoholic for her birthday?  Well, how about a shopoholic theme cupcakes!

I was very excited when I was asked by lady to do a shopoholic theme cupcakes for her daughter’s 25th birthday.  What made it more exciting was that it was going to be a surprised birthday party.  I said “YES” without thinking.  Being a non shopper,  this was definitely a real challenge.  I scoured the internet looking at bags, shoes, jewelleries and parfume for inspiration.

I wanted to do 2 pairs of really nice shoes.  Unfortunately, making the shoes were super duper hard and I didn’t like the first few that I made.  They just look tacky.  So this black shoe was the only one that past.  Took me 45 minutes to make!

The handbags were a lot of fun to make, especially the ‘Birkin’!  Again took me a few try to get the right shape, but when it’s done, I am so happy that it does look like a ‘Birkin’.

Out of the whole thing, my favourite is Marc Jacob’s parfume Lola.  Love the shape and the colour!  The real thing is so beautiful.


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Cake for Nikki

This is a such an overdue post!
I made a cake for a friend’s gorgeous baby girl’s first month, last month.

The theme colour is peach. Made little flowers and circles in different tones of peach.  Added little tiny ladybugs.

Mum took care of Jake while I was baking.  So, thanks mum!

Stella suggested a lot of things like bees, rainbow and clouds.  I have to carefully steer away from all that to keep to the theme colour and not hurt her feeling (hard thing to do, trying to explain to a 4 yr old why you don’t want bees with the ladybug 🙂 ).  I allowed her to design her own cupcake at the end.  Well, she sort of pick one cupcake and start decorating.  And today when my friend came over to pick up the cake and cupcakes, Stella insisted on giving her ‘special’ garden cupcake!  I must say her cupcake looks beautiful, though my picture didn’t do justice, it was rushed.

I added a special cupcake tag, the tag was especially designed by my talented graphic designer cousin Evelyn from eden&eve.  Thanks Evelyn!

cupcake tag by eden&eve

6 inch cutting cake, with flowers and ladybuygs

Stella's 'garden cupcake' for Nikki

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Come, take a drive.
You know you’re there when you see the pink dinosaur.
Welcome to the Australian Reptile Park!

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