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Choo Choo JAKE is 2!

I can’t believe that Jake is 2!  But yes, he is!  So Happy Birthday my dearest Jake!

Life has definitely change since both of my kids were born.  Some days are tougher than the other… but honestly, I can’t imagine a life without them! 

Jake is extremely cheeky and loud!  He is into Thomas right now.  He is starting to speak, which sometimes leads to a huge frustration for him and us (because we don’t know what he is talking about).  He LOVES the colour blue (even refuses to eat from a red bowl in a restaurant!).  He loves the sand and climbing up ladders.  He helps me mop the floor (he is scared of the vacuum) and he helps me in the kitchen (his favourite would be cleaning and chopping mushrooms).   

We had a small celebration, just us and my mum in law who is here for a visit.  As requested by the birthday boy I made him a Thomas the tank engine cake.  I added Harold the helicopter, which was a challege, it was way to heavy but with the help of lollipop stick Harold manage to stay.  As you can see, I managed to break a part of Harold’s tail and smudged the writting on the side.  All in all we had a great day, and the birthday boy was extremely happy when he had the chocolate cake.

If there is one thing that I remember about Jake at this age  is that: when he wakes up in the morning and he sees me, he will call me with the softest “Mama…” then a gave me a  grin and then the best part a HUGE hug!  Oh… melts my heart every time it happens!  (Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen everyday!)

So have a HAPPY HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY JAKE!  We all love you!


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