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Jayden (2nd from left)

Yay! Jayden won a photo competition at Gumboots, where 12 boys and 12 girls were selected to have their photos displayed in all Gumboots store nationwide! Thanks to Aunty Clara who took and entered the photo! I’m one proud Mummy and Joe too, a super proud Papa 🙂


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The wiggles cake

"toot toot chuga chuga... big red car!"

Made this Wiggles cake for a little girl who is a big fan of The Wiggles.  I made the car and the girl 2 weeks prior, and I am very happy with the little girl figurine.  However, I am not too sure about Jeff!  Stella went “I don’t thing that is Jeff, mum.  But your cake looks nice”.  Very diplomatic answer.  I can’t agree more though.  Figurines are hard to do!  Now, this time covering the cake with the ganache was a challenge.  There were bumps everywhere.  Can’t get it smooth enough.  I came to a conclusion at the end that, the cake is a hill and hills are supposed to be bumpy and uneven.  This is when  – “Should I take a cake decorating course” question kicked in. 

Just came back from the birthday party and guess what?  The birthday girl loved the cake so much.  She kept on holding on to the big red car!  So that really made my day.  There is nothing better than a happy customer that appreciate the work that I put in! 

Once again, happy birthday dear Aleisha!

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This is a ‘must try’ recipe.  The banana muffin is egg  and dairy free.  Please for those with kids with egg allergy, give this recipe a try!  After trying heaps of egg and dairy free banana muffin, I find this is the best!  It’s moist and they just taste like what a banana muffin should taste.  My kids loves them and I brought them to a friends place last week and they didn’t even know that it was egg free.  Enough of the rave, here is the recipe:


220 g plain flour

4 g baking powder

4 g baking soda

1 tbs vanilla extract

120 g muscovado (or light brown) sugar

85 ml vegetable oil

50 ml soya milk

25 ml hot water

60 g chocolate chip (make sure is egg and dairy free)

50 g sultanas

3 – 4 ripe bananas

Preheat oven to 180 C.

In a small cup mix the baking soda with the hot water, let it stand for a few minutes.  Mashed the bananas and pour the baking soda mixture to the mashed bananas.  Mix a little.

In a medium bowl mix the sugar, oil and milk with a wooden spoon.  By the way, unused Avent bottles are perfect for measuring,  and they are the perfect size for little kids.  So don’t throw them out, give them a second life in the kitchen.

Sift the flour and baking powder together.  Make a well in the centre and then pour all the wet ingredients to the centre of the bowl.  Mix with wooden spoon until all the ingredients are incorporated.  Add the sultanas and choc chip. Mix again.  Scoop them into muffin tins that has been lined with muffin paper.  Bake in the oven for 15 – 20 minutes (depending on the size of the muffin tin).  Insert skewer and check that the muffin is cooked through.

Great activity to do with the kid.  As you can see, I was making it with Jake.  He was having so much fun.  Just remember when you cook with kids, a simple 10 minutes preparation time like this recipe will end up to be more like 30 minutes.  So, make sure you are not rushing. The banana muffins are perfect for after school snack and lunch box treat the next day.  

one word "yummy"

I love the muffin shape.  That’s all because of the special tin that I got from Ikea.  Love… love it! 

Then afterwards Jake even help me with some of the washing.

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