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She is FIVE!

Yes! This is an extremely overdue post, Stella’s 5th birthday was last year November 2010… oh dear I feel really bad.  But I guess, better be late than never!

My little girl is FIVE!  FIVE years old! I can’t believe how fast time flies. 

I still remember the drama last year when she got sick after our travell and she was admitted to hospital.  How worried we all were and how happy we were when she made it back home for her birthday!  I still remember the little flower print dress that she wore that day and when I took her to the hair dresser to do her hair (that was my present for her!) and she got all the colourful ribbons on her hair.  And now a whole year has past??? really???

Last year she wanted a mermaid cake, but because she was sick and we spent lots of time in the hospital I didn’t get a chance to do a mermaid cake.  So this year… here it is!  Stella’s mermaid cake, I worked together with my cousin Eve who helped me to design the invite and thank you note.  And I used her invite as an inspiration for the cake with splashes of “pink and purple” birthday girl’s favourite colours.

Stella's mermaid cake

Stella has grown a lot this year.  She started kindy early this year, and become more and more confident.  She is a great sister to Jake.  She got her own bedroom now, and been so wonderful with cleaning up and making her bed every morning. 

A little note to my dearest Stella:

“Stella you are a wonderful person.  Very thoughtful and loving.  You care about everyone around you.  I am so lucky to be your mummy!!  Happy 5th birthday sweety!


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Hello 2011!

Wow it has been such a long time since I wrote anything here. We have been busy not only with work and everyday things but mainly busy mentally dealing with this terrible 3 that we have in the house. J has been quite a handful lately, especially after we came back from our holiday on September. Not quite sure what happened, but he has been so difficult lately, you know – not listening to anything we say, shouting, screaming, winging, always unhappy, always upset, not sharing, yes the lot! I’m praying that this is a normal phase that a 3 year old goes through and he will get over it soon.

So today after an episode of bad behavior, lots of screaming and shouting, I punished him by locking him in the toilet for a few minutes, so obviously he cried and screamed so hard – he almost lost his voice. I told him that if he doesn’t stop screaming he will eventually lose his voice. He was so worried, he told me that we should quickly go to the shopping centre. I asked why? He said because we need to buy a new voice for me… Oh bless! 🙂 we so love his innocence!

Is anyone out there experiencing the same issues as us?? J starts pre school in a few weeks time, I’m hoping this will be a start of something good and exciting for him. I have been talking to him about it and he’s really looking forward to going – especially to play with the resident guinea pigs in the school.

Aside from that – how time really flies! Can’t believe it’s the start of a new year again. I’m thankful for the abundant blessings in 2010; we travelled, we dined and wined often, we upgraded our car, we bought an investment unit but most of all I’m thankful for families, friends and neighbours for enriching our lives one way or another. I know that this year will be an amazing year for us too as Joe starts his MBA program the same time as Jay starts pre school, more travels and maybe just maybe another little one to add more chaos and joy in our lives. 🙂


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