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On Friday the stay at home parent club decided that we should visit the zoo 🙂 So at 10.30am we met up with Matilda and his Daddy Mitch and baby Christian with his Daddy Matt. What a fun freezing cold day we had! 


Mitch & Matilda, Matt & Christian

The zoo was very stroller friendly, but it was still somewhat challenging for me to go around. Jayden was definitely the most wild out of the 3- ran around and tried to climb and catch everything. I think he was excited to see so many animals. His favourite was the mini hippo, the tiger and the fake gorilla.


mini hippo, so cute!


Jayden and Daddy Gorilla


At the kids zoo – Matilda was so excited to play with the water, she was all wet by the end of it. Jayden was asleep while Christian was watching happily from his pram.


Finally at 4pm, we were ready to go back, exhausted from chasing the kids around… But we enjoyed ourselves, we saw the majestic giraffes, the bird show and also a smart elephant who could kick a soccer ball! 


A kiss for the elephant



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We did! 🙂 We went to watch the Yo Gabba Gabba live stage show last saturday. At first Jayden really didn’t want to go. We asked him many times if he wanted to watch the show and he kept saying NO! But after he saw Brobee, the little green monster, he was excited! and so was Aunty Clara…


Jayden and Brobee

The show was held at Olympic Sports Centre, it was their last show but it wasn’t full, so we could go all the way down to the floor. Jayden kept running towards the stage, pointing and telling me that he wanted to “stand up” on the stage. I’m surprised how popular they are here. There were so many kids and some adults singing and dancing to their music! 


This was Jayden’s first concert and I think he liked it. I was worried that it would be too loud for him, as lately he has been a little ‘sensitive’ to loud noises and everything else actually. He would cry when people cheer and he would cry when we sing Row, row, row your boat (the last bit “If you see a crocodile, don’t forget to scream”) and Humpty Dumpty (when Humpty Dumpty had a great fall). I guess he just doesn’t like it when Humpty falls down. haha..

If you want more Yo Gabba Gabba! go Check out Yo Blogga Blogga for more crazy updates.

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Yesterday we had such a fun day visiting the kids-friendly Sydney Aquarium at Darling Harbour with Serene and Cornelius. It turned out that yesterday was also Cornelius’ 2nd Birthday! 🙂 

Both boys love cars. They swapped toys and that kept them really occupied for the whole 2 hours we were there. They were enjoying themselves, running around looking at all the different fishes, jelly fish dugong, alligator and penguins. Jayden was excited to see a real blue star fish – similar to his fake blue plastic star fish in the bathroom.





As you can see, cars take priority than the fishes, but that’s ok, at least it was a relaxing day for everyone. We didn’t have to chase them around, the kids couldn’t really get lost there. Jayden was so tired from all the walking, he slept as soon as he sat down on his stroller.

For the first time yesterday, Jayden pointed to his tummy and said that he had a stomach ache. I’m not sure if he knew what it means or if he was just saying it…

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I wanted to introduce swimming to Jayden much earlier, but I guess I was just somewhat lazy, and only started taking him to lessons about 5 months ago. He was initially very scared – cried when he had water on his face and clinged on to me like a koala throughout the 30 minutes lesson.

But kids learn so fast, every week I can see good progress with his swimming. The main important thing is for him to be comfortable in water and to know what to do to stay afloat. We sing the songs and do the actions at home over and over again so that he would be familiar with them during class. At least this way, he would also enjoy the lesson more.

Now, he still doesn’t really like back float, but he loves monkey walk (which is walking on the edge of the pool on his own) and also mat time where he gets to walk and jump into the water. This clip reminded me of Stella when she was younger, she used to do the jumps into the water too. Now, 2 years later, she is one brave water baby!



We hope to keep swimming throughout winter, even though I find it very tiring at times – not only the classes but the showers and getting dressed after the lesson. If you know Jayden, he never stands still, so it really is a tough mission for me to get him dressed 🙂 But, at the end of the day, I know that we both enjoy it. I thank God everyday for giving us a funny, cheerful, sometimes annoying (well ok, most of the time), cheeky, loving boy.

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Cars for colours

Jayden loves anything with wheels, especially cars! He can name quite a few different models of cars, such as Mini, Hummer, Honda CRV, Smart car and Boxster. He can tell the difference between an old vintage car to a sports or rally car. It’s interesting to see him play with these cars, he would slowly push the car back and forth while studying how the wheels turn. I’ve noticed that, it really is all about the wheels!

I’ve been trying to teach him all the different colours using books, but I have a feeling that he’s not really getting it. I’m starting to wonder if he’s just insensitive to colours or he just simply doesn’t get what I’m trying to teach him 🙂 So I thought, maybe we can use his toys and his obsessions with wheels to learn about colours.





I grouped all his toys together according to colours and took pictures of them. My sister suggested to get these printed and laminated and use it as a table mat. Then we could have a “red day”, where we use the “red” table mat, wear red shirt and eat red apples; followed by a car hunt, where he has to find all the red cars on the table mat. This way, hopefully it would be fun for him too. What a great idea!

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Stella, 23 months, making tomato and olive salad23 months, tomato and olive salad 

My little chef Stella has been helping me out in the kitchen since she can stand on her two feet.  She started with mixing thing with spoon, washing vegetable, mashing bananas or potatoes, bashing some olives, pouring oil and slowly graduated to scooping rice and rinsing them, whisking eggs, picking herbs and chopping fruits and vegetables.  It’s fun for her to do and at the same time she develops interest in food and where they come from.  And as for me, I just act like I am one of the celebrity chef on TV, do a Jamie Oliver make everything exciting, smell the herbs and go WHOA!  Do a dance when you see your muffin rise in the oven.  It doesn’t matter, they will get excited if you are!

Stella, 33 months, roast pumpkin

33 months, roast pumpkin

The key for me is that, if I wanted to cook with Stella, I make sure that I have PLENTY of time and not in a tight schedule.  If she want to mash the bananas for 10 minutes then I let her.  And yes, there is going to be mess, so be prepared.  Usually she would want to “try” her mashed banana and ended up eating the whole thing,  that’s ok too.  Just get more bananas.  All I want is that for her to have fun, and hopefully she will be able to enjoy cooking and not think of it as a CHORE.

36 month, ham and egg parcels

36 month, ham and egg parcels

Some of the things that she enjoy making are: pizza (she is famous for this), sandwiches, banana bread, blueberry muffin, scramble eggs, ham and egg parcel and smoothies.

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On Easter Saturday, we had an awesome family day at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. We walked, we played, we ate and ate and ate and ate! Have to try the Twisted Chips and the 1 foot long battered sausage dipped in tomato sauce! Scary looking, but it was surprisingly good.



It was Jayden’s 1st time to the show. Grandpa and grandma came along too! I think he was overwhelmed when he saw all the big rides, all the colours, the noise and so many people!  We spent most of our time in the kids carnival. There weren’t too many rides that he could go on, but we went on all the rides that would take him!  I think most rides would be suitable for kids who are at least 2 years old. The Miniature Choo Choo Train was his favourite – he couldn’t get enough of it! He also went on the carousel and mini roller coaster, which we think was a little too fast for him.


Jayden also met up with B2 from Bananas in Pyjamas. The ABC Kids had a live show, with lots of singing and dancing and many characters came to visit.


Finally, out of all the hundreds of showbags, we chose the ROARY showbag for him. He was a happy little man, even though there were no toy cars inside!


Jayden with #1 Roary hat, backpack and cup


Aunty Clara did win something for him though and he absolutely loved it!


At 5 pm, we took our last ride on the relaxing air-conditioned Ferris Wheel, then called it a day. We had so much fun, all so tired from the walking and eating. Jayden slept as soon as he sat in the car…


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