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Another day before chinese new year and we managed to make another craft.  This time is the “FU” wall decorations. 

Stella was very excited this morning.  Not because we were about to do craft but because it will be her first day going back to school tomorrow – I will have a Pre-schooler in my house!  Full 5 days she will be in school!

Anyway, about this wall decoration, we made it with the things that we have lying around the house.  So all of it is made from scraps lying around the house. 

What you need

Card board

White paper


Ink pads

Glue stick

Red packets

Red and yellow/ gold crepe paper

Paper punch (My mum happen to have this beautiful daisy one, or you can cut the paper into any tiny shape)


Masking tape

First cut the cardboard into a square (I use a square cake tin as a guide). 

Then using a smaller square cake tin I drew a square on a white paper and wrote the chinese character for “FU” in the middle.

Get your stamp and ink pad and stamp away making beautiful pattern as the background.  The key is to use just one colour ink.  Jake chose blue and Stella chose pink.  As for the stamp Jake chose the one with flower and Stella chose butterfly, anything is fine as long as it doesn’t say merry christmas : )

While the kids are stamping, take your red packet and paper punch and punch away as much as you can.  The one that I used were a little stiff, so it was a work out.

These punched out daisy is then glue on top of the “FU” to make the character stand out.

Now after that is finished, cut the “FU” square and stick it on to the square cardboard.

Next we added good luck fish.  So just draw a simple outline of a fish and decorate with the red packet daisy.  I found some gold crepe paper so I added that to the mix.  Cut long string of red and gold crepe paper and stick to the tail end of the fish with a masking tape.

decorated good luck fish

Last step, get a long string and lay out the “FU” character on top and the fish underneath it, use masking tape to secure them into position.  Maybe you’ll notice that Stella’s “FU” is the right way up and Jake’s is upside down.  Either way is ok.

Jake's "FU" wall decoration

Stella designed a little chinese girl with gold earring to add to her wall decoration and if you look closely she attempted to write the word “FU” on the body.

Stella's chinese girl design

Doing all these chinese new year crafts with the kids has been so much fun.  It brought back memories of the many chinese new years I spent as a child in Indonesia.  Where we would go to my maternal grandparents house for the new year eve dinner.  Then the next day we would drive to my paternal grandparents place and spend the new year there with my dad family.  So much fun and how I missed those times! 

So if there were one thing that chinese new year remind me of it would be one word FAMILY!  Family that accepts you and welcomes you with open arms, where you feel comfortable being who you are.  And this is what I want my kids to feel!  A warm fuzzy feeling that you belong to a family!


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I was flicking trhough my NEW Planet Cupcakes book that I got for christmas and saw this gorgeous dragon cupcakes.  Is so beautiful, I love the colours and the details HOWEVER I am not trying to recreate it anytime soon : )  But, it did gave me an idea for the kids chinese new year craft.  So here we are dragon puppet by Stella and Jake.

By the way, the weather has been so hot and humid here in Perth.  That’s why you see the kids wearing minimal clothes and sweating a whole lot.  A simple act of colouring can really work a sweat!

What you need

Cardboard (for the body and claw)

Lots of different colour paper

Glue stick

Colour pencil

Masking tape


Popsicle stick

Start by drawing the head and tail of the dragon, I copied the one from the Planet Cupcake book and draw them freehand. 

Get the kids to colour the head and the tail, then add some glitter to make it even more festive.

While the kids are colouring, draw the dragon body and claw on the cardboard like this:   (It look more like a decapitated lizard at this time, but bare with me the end result is spectacular!)

Next step is to trace your child’s hand on a piece of cardboard and cut them out to make the ‘hand template’.

As for Jake, I traced and cut all his hand print by using the template.  While Stella on the other hand traced and cut all her own hand print.  Once you have enough of the colourful hand print (we did about 8 – 10) , start glueing the hand print onto the dragon body.  Work backward from the tail to the head.

Once you have the body ready, cut the head and tail and glue them in place.  Glue the dragon claws and stick the popsicle stick with a masking tape. 

Ta da!  A beautiful, colourful dragon puppet perfect for chinese new year!  I must say I really want to do one as well!  All you need now is some “Tong toroooong tong qiang…!!”

Stella and Jake were so happy and proud of their dragon puppets.  Jake can’t stop dancing… so I thought I’ll show you some of the pictures.


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Yes, the humble bok choy = Rose.  Pretty one too!

One day when we chopped of the bottom part of the bok choy to cook for dinner.  Stella who is ‘recylcing’ everything said “Why don’t we use this for craft?”.  I looked at it and went  “you know what, why not”.  So we got some paint and guess what? We got this beautiful rose stamp.   

What you need

Bottom part of bok choy



Dip the bok choy into some paint.

Then press hard onto paper/ card.

Paint the flower stem and voila… you’ve got yourself a beautiful rose card.  This beautiful card was given to Stella’s kindy teacher for her birthday.

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Paper mozaic

It’s been a while since I posted anything on craft.  We’ve been doing lots of painting and paper mozaic in fact.  However, I am usually getting dinner ready when the kids are doing this so didn’t really get the chance to take pictures.

Jake said "blue ...ish!"

Paper mozaic is a really great craft to do with kids.  It’s easy, it’s a little messy with the glue but the most important the kids really enjoy it.  For Jake, I drew something simple eg. ball, heart, square, kite and in this case a fish.  I only give him one colour paper to begin with, great way to learn about colour and shape too.  When he finished I wrote blue fish on the paper.  He kept on saying ‘blue …ish’ over and over after that.

As for Stella, she drew houses, rainbow, flowers, anything that she likes and she cuts her own coloured papers.  So, this is why this is a really great craft in our house, you can cater for different age group.

What you need

Coloured paper (recycle any wrapping paper, aluminium foil, or even newspaper) cut into little squares

White paper



glue, glue Jake loves glue!

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Princess Crown

Princess Stella

Princess Stella

Yes, a princess crown!  That’s what Stella wants to make.  She is so into PINK, PRINCESS and GLITTER!  I don’t know where she got it from.  I wasn’t into all those when I was young.  Though I love anything that is pretty!  Anyway, we made this princess crown the other day from a leftover pink carton, bit of glue and glitter.  That’s all you need.

First draw a the crown shape.  Just make sure you measure the carton so that it fits the circumference of your child’s head.  Cut out the crown.



Ask your child to draw the ‘jewel’ of your crown.  Here I ask stella to draw different shapes, like circle, triangle, rectangle and square on the carton.  Then get some craft glue, and a paint brush and get the kid to paint the shape with glue and sprinkle with glitter.  The best way to sprinkle the glitter is to put it in used toothpick holder with tiny holes on top, all the kids need to do is turn the toothpick holder upside down and shake it.  Or of course sprinkle with your hand.  Let the glue dry and then staple the back together and you got a PINK PRINCESS GLITTERY CROWN!

And to add a bit more fun and drama, I painted her face and put some glitter on her eyelids… she can’t stop looking at herself in the mirror.  It’s so funny!


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I like doing craft with things that I can find around the house.  This one is easy and it looks fabulous too… Stella loves glueing the glitters on the paper flower.


What you need

Colourful muffin or cupcake paper case





Sticky tape


First lay your cupcake paper cases flat, and ask your child to cut the outside of the paper to make the flower petal.


Then dab a little glue on the middle of the paper case and sprinkle with glitter.  Wait until the glitter is dry, use a sticky tape to attach the flower paper onto the straw.  It’s as easy as that.

If you are like us and spilled some glitters all over the table, a great way to clean them up is by getting some playdough, and rolling it around the table until it picks up all the glitter…the best part, you have yourself a glittery playdough…


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One Saturday afternoon, out of the blue Stella came up to me and said “Mummy, when I grow up I want to be a painter!”. She was so serious. She is only 3.5 years old. Then she said, “I want to paint right now, can you help me get everything ready?” So that’s what I did. I got some paper, tempera paint, paint brushes and then I left her to do her own thing.

10 minutes later, she came to see me and showed me her painting. I must say I was very impressed. The first painting was a painting of me in the garden carrying some watering can and watering the pink flower. If you are wondering what is that black thing on my head…it’s a hair clip! (I wear OVERSIZED hair clip at home) Again, I was surprised by the details when she explained that to me.


The second painting is a painting of Anton in the garden with a watering can. She went on to explain that “Papa got a little mustache because he forgot to shave in the morning.” Funny isn’t it that little children can pick up small details like that.


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