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Here are some of the books that are currently his favourites:

Who Sank the Boat by Pamela Allen

Time for Bed by Mem Fox (learning about baby animals and lots of repetition that rhymes)

Pearl Barley & Charlie Parsley by Aaron Blabey (story about friendship – my favourite too!)

Maisy goes to Hospital, Maisy goes Camping by Lucy Cousins (First experience books)

and Jayden’s all time favourite…..Maisy goes to the Museum by Lucy Cousins. I think we’ve read this together at least 100 times, he really loves it. Listen to the story below.



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My little boy loves to read. Ever since he was a baby we always tried to read a few books a day to him, eventhough it seems that he wasn’t paying any attention. Now, he’s always so excited when we read him stories, he would pick his own books and he would sometimes kiss the characters and always finish off the lines on each page.

Here’s a compilation of the books that Jayden currently enjoys:

Magic Sky by Lucy Richards (great illustrations, story about love and family)

Me and You by Janet Holmes and Judith Rossell (story about friendship)

God Knows all about Me by Kate Thomas (story about God and also learning about body parts)

My Mum and My Dad by Anthony Browne (funny, great tributes to Mums and Dads – LOVE these books)

Hop on Pop by Dr Seuss (learning about words that rhymes)

Opposites, Blue Hat – Green Hat, But not the Hippopotamus by Sandra Boynton (learning about colours, opposites, etc)

I think all these books are excellent for his age group (1-2 years old). It has fun imagery, simple but thoughtful lines and it has good messages. All credits must go to my sister who set this good reading example with Stella. We saw that at a very young age, she already has her own little library full of all kinds of books, which many of them she knows off the top of her head!

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