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Elephants theme cake and cupcakes

Made this elephants theme cake and cupcakes recently.  It’s for two sisters who are celebrating their birthday together. 

The elephants are inspired by the super duper cute birthday invitation and of course being a girly girly cake, I love to add flowers, bow, hearts and cute little birdies. 

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!


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More cakes!

September and October has been a very busy two months for me.  Mainly because I took more cake order than usual.  The problem with me is that I love the challenge, it’s very gratifying when the outcome surpass the client!

The only thing is that I still feel really guilty, because I feel that the kids seems to be left alone doing their own thing.  Another thing that make me super guilty is they watched me make the cakes and asked me a million time if I was making the cake for them.  “Ohh… very guilty!”  By the time it comes to Stella or Jake’s birthday, if there is cake order I ended up making something very simple for them.  I mean, the kids loves the cake that I made for them, but I know I could do something better for them.  So,  with that in mind, in November I’ve decided to give myself plenty of time to make cake for Stella’s birthday and in the process I’ve politely knock down a number of orders.

Here are the cakes that I made in September and October, and since our family is taking part in the Big Walk to raise money for PMH.  All the profit from my September and October cake order is donated to this worthy course. 

Simple Vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese and strawberry

Ellena's Totoro garden cake

...and it comes with flower decorated cupcakes

Alexia's princess castle cake

20 boxes of set of 4 cupcakes for baby Aldrik's 1 month

green tea cupcakes

Cars, Planes, Trucks and Helicopters cake for my gorgeous nephew!

Blue and red cake

Racing cars cupcakes

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I am a self tought baker, cake decorator.  I am still learning lots of new things, and I must say, there are a lot of generous cake decorators out there who shares their tips and secret. 

Now, there are lots of people who asked  if cake decorating is hard.  Well, it is definitely an art I think.  It is hard but why not get some fondant and give it a go!  It is a lot of trial and error.  Working out colours and position can sometimes take hours.  There are times when I can’t go to bed because I can’t work out where to put things. 

The biggest high for me is when I see people jumping up and down looking at the final product, in other word “appreciating my hard work“.  And this is one of those cupcakes that brought me lots of joy.  It was for a 4 year old boy who wanted a ghost cupcakes.  The mum ordered the cuppies and when she saw it she was grinning from side to side, honestly, I can’t even stop her from giving me compliments.  She really made my day!

Here is my ghost cupcakes. 

If you are wondering what makes the ghost 3D.  The secret is marshmallow and allen’s ripe raspberries. 

Cover the marshmallow/raspberries lollies with fondant that has been rolled and cut into circles with cookie cutter.  Add some eyes and mouth (I used pen with edible ink).  And you got yourself a ghost figurines!

To attached the ghost figurines onto the cupcakes, I used a dollop of thick royal icing in the middle.  Make sure you use a thick royal icing, it makes the ghost figurines appeared to float.  I thought that was cute!

This ghost cupcakes is great for haloween, and a really great activity to do with kids.  Both Stella and Jake helped me out with sticking the raspberry and marshmallow.  I covered the fondant myself, just because this is for someone’s birthday.  But, children definitely can make this.  So, why not make some with the kids for haloween!

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What to get a shopoholic for her birthday?  Well, how about a shopoholic theme cupcakes!

I was very excited when I was asked by lady to do a shopoholic theme cupcakes for her daughter’s 25th birthday.  What made it more exciting was that it was going to be a surprised birthday party.  I said “YES” without thinking.  Being a non shopper,  this was definitely a real challenge.  I scoured the internet looking at bags, shoes, jewelleries and parfume for inspiration.

I wanted to do 2 pairs of really nice shoes.  Unfortunately, making the shoes were super duper hard and I didn’t like the first few that I made.  They just look tacky.  So this black shoe was the only one that past.  Took me 45 minutes to make!

The handbags were a lot of fun to make, especially the ‘Birkin’!  Again took me a few try to get the right shape, but when it’s done, I am so happy that it does look like a ‘Birkin’.

Out of the whole thing, my favourite is Marc Jacob’s parfume Lola.  Love the shape and the colour!  The real thing is so beautiful.

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Cake for Nikki

This is a such an overdue post!
I made a cake for a friend’s gorgeous baby girl’s first month, last month.

The theme colour is peach. Made little flowers and circles in different tones of peach.  Added little tiny ladybugs.

Mum took care of Jake while I was baking.  So, thanks mum!

Stella suggested a lot of things like bees, rainbow and clouds.  I have to carefully steer away from all that to keep to the theme colour and not hurt her feeling (hard thing to do, trying to explain to a 4 yr old why you don’t want bees with the ladybug 🙂 ).  I allowed her to design her own cupcake at the end.  Well, she sort of pick one cupcake and start decorating.  And today when my friend came over to pick up the cake and cupcakes, Stella insisted on giving her ‘special’ garden cupcake!  I must say her cupcake looks beautiful, though my picture didn’t do justice, it was rushed.

I added a special cupcake tag, the tag was especially designed by my talented graphic designer cousin Evelyn from eden&eve.  Thanks Evelyn!

cupcake tag by eden&eve

6 inch cutting cake, with flowers and ladybuygs

Stella's 'garden cupcake' for Nikki

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The idea behind this cupcake is to make a party favour that combines cake and lolly in one.

So, here it is flower lollipop cupcake.  Made them for a 3 year old girl garden party.  I was only told 2 days before the party, so everything was rushed.  I was stressing out about the messy chocolate ganache last night, but after I put the flower lollipop on top I am quite happy with the result.  Though I must say, the lollipop melted a little today and I have to redo some of the flowers.

I was really feeling guilty feeding kids lollipop and cupcake in one go, so I got an organic vitamin C lollipop instead!… well at least I can say they are eating vitamin C.

Lollipop flower cupcakes

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Busy as a bee

Making more cake and cupcakes…!

A lady ordered a birthday cupcakes for her hubby and wanted something fun for the kids.  So I thought I’d do faces of the family member for the cupcakes.  She has 3 girls… what a lucky mum!  Reminded me of our family… I had fun doing the faces, actually I had to check on their picture to make sure I had the right hair style for each of the girl.  Thess face cupcakes are inspired by Planet Cake baby cupcakes!

The second one is a cake for baby first month.  Well, if you are chinese, then you know how big of a deal is baby’s first month.  It’s almost as big as first birthday!  I did a bird design, with pink flowers and polka dots on the side of the cake.  The idea was that the bird was announcing “(baby name) is one month old today!”.

Jake was with me the whole time I was decorating the cake.  I must say he was very well behaved.  I gave him some fondant too, and he was rolling it and cutting it and at one point, putting on his ‘design’ on the cake.  Of course I went “Aww… that’s awesome Jake, well done”  and he got this huge smile on his face.  Then the minute he looked the other way, I got to take the ‘design’ away… hehehe…

The funny thing was, when I was taking the picture of the cake, due to bad lighting in the house and bad weather (we had a freak thunderstorm last nite and was hailing…) I had to put the cake next to the window, and it was pretty low.  Immediately when Jake saw the cake he went “WOW…”.  I couldn’t stop laughing, I couldn’t imagine a 20 months old boy giving compliment, but it is definitely a good thing!

It's a little blur, but this is when Jake saw the cake and went "WOW"!

Cheeky Jake with the cake!

And yes, I didn’t put the polka dot originally… but as you can see from the picture with Jake, I have issue with the fondant covering… there were part of the cake that has creases on it…  I think I need to work faster next time… but I think the polka dot added a nice touch.  Oh… and please excuse Jake’s shirt… he was eating squeezy yoghurt and dripped everywhere… unfortunately ‘busy’ mum have to tend the fondant first before she has the chance to change his shirt!

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