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If there is one movie you definitely have to watch this year, it’s Mao’s Last Dancer. It really is an amazing film… a true story of a Chinese ballet dancer who started off with nothing and made it into something. The movie is based on the autobiography of the same name, written by Li Cunxin. Li Cunxin started out in a poor, small village in China, was hand picked and trained at the Beijing Dance Academy, became a soloist at the Houston Ballet and principal dancer at the Australian Ballet.

It is a touching story and the ballet dancing in the film is great too. There is a part towards the end when I can guarantee that you’ll shed a tear or at least be moved.

I highly recommend for everyone to see!


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My latest buy… a piano!

I’ve been dying to get a piano since moving to Sydney but I was always too lazy to get myself to the music store…

So a couple of weeks ago, I finally went to Dicksons Music planning to just take a look around but instead, came home with a brand new piano! Now I wish I had enough space in my apartment to buy myself a baby grand, or even an upright piano – but unfortunately, I don’t.  I got myself the Kawai CN22 and that’s what you call a digital piano.

What’s a digital piano? It’s a cross between a real piano and a keyboard. It’s got the look of an upright piano but the features of a keyboard… and for me, that was the perfect! There’s even a record function which is really cool.

It’s great having a piano in the house. After a long day at work, it’s nice to come back and relax by playing a few songs. Right now on my playlist includes Boston by Augustana, Fix You by Coldplay, Qing Hua Ci by Jay Chou and my favourite To Build a Home by Cinematic Orchestra.

I shall leave you with a picture of a young prodigy named Jayden. His favourite songs to play are Wheel on the Bus and Mary Had a Little Lamb. Keep an eye out for him! He might be showcasing his talents at the Sydney Opera House soon…

The prodigy

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Woah what a night! It’s the morning after and I can still hear Jay Chou singing in my head. Haha OK perhaps that is a little creepy, but my goodness… what an awesome show it was last night!

Now I was one of the crazy fans that kept screaming during the show. I was SO excited about seeing him live. Call me a dork but this guy is the best and this concert showcased all of his talents. Jay played the piano, drums, guitar and the Chinese harp. He sang songs from the very first album to a snippet of the last. I was hoping to hear more of the songs from his latest album but unfortunately that didn’t happen.


If you’ve watched the Jay Chou 2007 The World Tours Concert DVD, the Sydney Concert was actually very similar. The song list was almost the same but there were quite a few more songs and segments added to this concert. This is the first time that Jay has come to Sydney so he had 10 years of material to showcase to us in 3 hours. I think he did a pretty good job of it and the fans definitely sounded pleased.

Stand-out songs for me were 安靜 (An Jing), 青花瓷 (Qing Hua Ci), 千里之外 (Qianli zhi Wai), 髮如雪 (Fa Ru Xue) and the Fearless theme song.


Halfway through the show, one of Jay’s dancers came on stage to propose to his girlfriend. It was sooooo sweet and the poor girl looked so shocked, but happy of course. Jay even serenaded them with 開不了口 (Kai Bu Liao Kou) after the dancer proposed. Awwwwwwwww!

Nan Quan Mama also made an appearance during the night singing a medley of their songs. I was a bit disappointed that NQMM only turned up with two out of its four members. What a waste! Gary Yang also came on stage during the acoustic set and sang along with Jay.


All in all, it was a great experience. It was fun, entertaining and the atmosphere was electric! Haha Looking forward to the next time that Jay Chou comes to our shores. Let’s hope it’s in the near future. Next time… I’m taking my parents with me!

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The count down is on. Only 10 more days until the Jay Chou Concert in Sydney!

I’m getting more and more excited about seeing Jay perform live. After watching his dvd concerts over and over again, I’m really looking forward to experiencing one of his concerts in real life. I can’t wait to hear him sing the crazy cowboy song, the ballads and especially watching him play the piano.

So in preparation… I’ve been listening to all his songs non-stop and at the same time, trying to memorise the lyrics. Remember, I can’t speak or read Chinese so this is quite a challenge. Haha Oh well, call me insane but this guy is talented and man I’m excited! Haha

Jay Chou Poster

Hope all you Jay fans are also getting excited 🙂
See you there!

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I was going through Stella’s file and came across this video.

Late one night in Sydney (blame it on the time difference)…

wearing her chicken pj…

Stella singing her favourite song “Hakuna Matata”

love her expressions when she sings, and how she pronounced the word “Philosophy” hehehe…

So funny…

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For some of us who have babies or toddlers, or others who have friends with young kids, will know who i’m talking about when I say Iggle Piggle, Makka Pakka and Upsy Daisy! But for some of you who have never heard of it before – Welcome to the world of In The Night Garden. This TV series has slowly taken the babies world by storm. I think it has cute but strange looking characters – speaks strange languages and sometimes has not much of a story line. But the strange thing is – kids love it! including Jayden. He watches the show every morning at 9 am so by now he knows all the songs and loves to dance to the music.


Here’s a video of him singing a little bit of the Iggle Piggle song.


and this is the real Iggle Piggle 🙂

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Yes, thats right – Jay Chou is coming to Sydney.

I’ll admit it. I love Jay Chou. I don’t understand a single thing he sings about but I think he’s a talented musician and his music is great. So when my friend called me yesterday to let me know of this Jay Chou Concert poster he saw at the karaoke place, I just couldn’t believe it! I never thought the day would come when Jay Chou would finally come to Australia. 

Jay Chou Sydney Concert Poster

So here are the details –

Friday, 3rd July 2009 @ 8PM
Acer Arena (formerly Sydney Superdome)

Ticket prices range from AUD$248-$488 (VIP Party Zone – standing room only) and AUD$78-$268 (reserved seating).

Pre-sale tickets are on sale NOW until the 26th April 2009 so get in early before the public sales start. 

The only way to order at the moment, is to send in an order form and pay by direct deposit/bank cheque/money order. No credit card. You can’t choose your seats and they don’t even have a location plan of the venue so we all have to hope that whatever amount we pay will get us a reasonable seat. 

It’s first come first serve, so buy your tickets NOW! You don’t want to miss out!

And if you still don’t believe me… click here for the official website.

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