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Toilet training

It’s been a long time coming, but YAY, Jayden is now finally somewhat trained – at least for doing the #2. Today is the 6th day – he had been telling me if he needed to go! No more yucky mess. double YAY!

But as of training him how to pee. I don’t really know how to do it. Any suggestions?

We’ve decided to start sending him to ‘school’ only when he turns 3. Meanwhile we prefer to have him at home and send him for different activities. So this term he’s back to doing swimming lessons, music and chinese classes. He can now sing a few songs in mandarin and he knows colours, body parts, numbers and animals as well! I’m hoping by September, he would be able to say a few sentences 😉

He’s now close to 15 kg. His favourite food are plain pasta, plain rice and plain noodles. He only likes bananas and strawberries and not a fan of any vegetables. He told me today that his favourite friend is ‘Jie Jie Tella‘.

Jayden @ 2 years & 3 months


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