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Busy as a bee

Making more cake and cupcakes…!

A lady ordered a birthday cupcakes for her hubby and wanted something fun for the kids.  So I thought I’d do faces of the family member for the cupcakes.  She has 3 girls… what a lucky mum!  Reminded me of our family… I had fun doing the faces, actually I had to check on their picture to make sure I had the right hair style for each of the girl.  Thess face cupcakes are inspired by Planet Cake baby cupcakes!

The second one is a cake for baby first month.  Well, if you are chinese, then you know how big of a deal is baby’s first month.  It’s almost as big as first birthday!  I did a bird design, with pink flowers and polka dots on the side of the cake.  The idea was that the bird was announcing “(baby name) is one month old today!”.

Jake was with me the whole time I was decorating the cake.  I must say he was very well behaved.  I gave him some fondant too, and he was rolling it and cutting it and at one point, putting on his ‘design’ on the cake.  Of course I went “Aww… that’s awesome Jake, well done”  and he got this huge smile on his face.  Then the minute he looked the other way, I got to take the ‘design’ away… hehehe…

The funny thing was, when I was taking the picture of the cake, due to bad lighting in the house and bad weather (we had a freak thunderstorm last nite and was hailing…) I had to put the cake next to the window, and it was pretty low.  Immediately when Jake saw the cake he went “WOW…”.  I couldn’t stop laughing, I couldn’t imagine a 20 months old boy giving compliment, but it is definitely a good thing!

It's a little blur, but this is when Jake saw the cake and went "WOW"!

Cheeky Jake with the cake!

And yes, I didn’t put the polka dot originally… but as you can see from the picture with Jake, I have issue with the fondant covering… there were part of the cake that has creases on it…  I think I need to work faster next time… but I think the polka dot added a nice touch.  Oh… and please excuse Jake’s shirt… he was eating squeezy yoghurt and dripped everywhere… unfortunately ‘busy’ mum have to tend the fondant first before she has the chance to change his shirt!


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I made another cake last week, it seems like this is all I blog about now… cakes!  : )

While baking is very theraputic, decorating cake is definitely very rewarding.  Especially when you brought over the cake and two little girls with huge smiles on their faces started screaming “Upsy Daisy, Upsy Daisy….!!!

This Upsy Daisy cake was made for my twin niece who turned 3 last weekend.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure whether I can do Upsy Daisy figurine, but I thought I would just give it a go. I am pleased with how it turned out, but definitely need more practice making figurine!  What I love most about the cake is the colour combination.  Very happy with that, at first I thought I wanted to make the green darker, but I think the subtle green made Upsy Daisy stand out.  The cake comes with 15 cupcakes with the same green fondant covering and a little white daisy on top.  As requested by the twin girls, the flavour was chocolate with dark chocolate ganache frosting.

The weather here has been scorching hot, even though it’s autumn already!  So, the chocolate ganache didn’t set properly and was oozing out of the bottom of the fondant. I almost fainted when this happened but managed to clean the ganache and fixed the fondant covering.  Phew!

Happy 3rd Birthday Jacinda and Jessica!

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I’ve been taking photography classes at the Australian Centre for Photography and I’ve just finished the intermediate course, Camera Craft 2. The courses are really informative and fun. There is so much to learn when it comes to the art of photography and I’m taking baby steps towards becoming a professional photographer!

Here are a few snaps from the weekly assignments we had to complete.

WEEK ONE – composition

WEEK TWO – lighting

WEEK THREE – night

WEEK FOUR – breaking the rules

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Baby bear cupcakes

So this is what happened, my friend M called me last week and asked if I would like to make  cupcakes for her friend.  The occasion – baby’s first month!

How could I not take this opportunity!  So, I said yes, yes, YES!  Even before her friend called me, my head started to spin… too excited!

The design, is a baby bear holding a milk bottle and a little star with the baby’s initial on it.  I tried using ther upper case cut out and it was too big, my mistake, should’ve checked it first, but I personally think that the lower case b, makes the whole thing more… ‘baby’!

Since the lady who ordered it was going to put the baby bear cupcake in individual boxes, I made the bear looking up….

so, when people open the box, this is what they see…

I think they are cute, and all 25 of them looked pretty similar… though some were a little chubbier than others.

The flavour was vanilla cupcakes with white chocolate ganache, yum…

I had so much fun doing the cupcakes, though it feels chaotic at times, at one point Jake was pulling my pants for like forever trying to get me to play with him… this is where the ‘guilty’ feeling kicked in, should I do something that I like, or should I spend more time with Jake, now that Stella is at school? hm…  I guess, once in a while is ok for me to do something that I like… right?

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