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More cakes!

September and October has been a very busy two months for me.  Mainly because I took more cake order than usual.  The problem with me is that I love the challenge, it’s very gratifying when the outcome surpass the client!

The only thing is that I still feel really guilty, because I feel that the kids seems to be left alone doing their own thing.  Another thing that make me super guilty is they watched me make the cakes and asked me a million time if I was making the cake for them.  “Ohh… very guilty!”  By the time it comes to Stella or Jake’s birthday, if there is cake order I ended up making something very simple for them.  I mean, the kids loves the cake that I made for them, but I know I could do something better for them.  So,  with that in mind, in November I’ve decided to give myself plenty of time to make cake for Stella’s birthday and in the process I’ve politely knock down a number of orders.

Here are the cakes that I made in September and October, and since our family is taking part in the Big Walk to raise money for PMH.  All the profit from my September and October cake order is donated to this worthy course. 

Simple Vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese and strawberry

Ellena's Totoro garden cake

...and it comes with flower decorated cupcakes

Alexia's princess castle cake

20 boxes of set of 4 cupcakes for baby Aldrik's 1 month

green tea cupcakes

Cars, Planes, Trucks and Helicopters cake for my gorgeous nephew!

Blue and red cake

Racing cars cupcakes


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