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Trying to find the perfect book case is proven to be a really difficult task. Jayden is, well let’s say, a little clumsy and a lot careless. I’m not sure if it’s the same with other little people his age, but he would walk without looking at what’s ahead, so he would trip and stumble all the time! He has had a few collection of cuts and bruises, thankfully nothing major. I’m determined to find a book case that’s safe – has a rounded edge, not very tall, no crazy cartoon prints and has a wide base (so it’s harder to pull over) . I found some, but as always it’s either not available in Australia or it’s over my budget.  I’m tempted to make one myself. 



I love these Big Kahuna Bookcase by Ecotots – they’re so simple, great colours, wide base and all that round edges! It’s also planet friendly.


Tree Book Storage

Isn’t this interesting? It’s a Tree Book Storage by Whitney Brothers.  I can’t actually see it on the Whitney Brothers website, but All Children’s Furniture and Toddler Fitness stock them. It would be nice decorative piece for a large area, as you wouldn’t be able to place this tree against the wall.



What about this Moon & Stars Media Carousel by Guidecraft? I think it’s a good one too – you can store cds and dvds in addition to books. A nice, safe  little addition to the play area.



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It’s amazing that I have an obsession to find one thing after another. This month my obsession is to find a small table set and a book case for Jayden. 

It amazes me even more when I started searching, how many products are available out there, ranging from the cheap and not so good looking ones, to the more expensive but very modern and funky ones. 

Here are some of my favourites

bloom1Otto Bloom by Bloom


Klick by Pkolino

table-and-stools1Surfin Kids Project Table and Stools by Ecotots

inyourroomShortstop Child Table, 2 Stools & Double Seater Sets by InYourRoom 


growingtableGrowing Table

bb2_color_green_thumbBaby Boomer Too by notNeutral


Check out Iglooplay collection by Lisa Albin for more very modern and interesting children’s furniture.

After all that temptations, I ended up getting something that was more within my original budget. I didn’t want to spend too much, as I know things doesn’t last too long with kids.  It’s not fancy and slightly flimsy but it does the job for now and I love the added storage. I also bought a clear Table Top Protector and covered the table and chairs, so it protects it from scratches, pen marks, etc. Table Set is from DealsDirect.




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